About Us

A full-service certified MBE Mechanical Contractor

Mechanical Solutions is a full-service MBE Design/Build mechanical contractor in St. Louis, MO.  In addition to our Design/Build capabilities, our in-house staff provides BIM Coordination, retrofiting, Commissioning, and HVAC Service.

Our team provides clients with over 50 years of experience in the HVAC industry and strives to provide the latest technology advancements on our projects.




Todd (3) - shrunk

Todd Weaver
Chief Executive Officer

Bill Begis (3) shrunk

Bill Begis

Bart Alsop (1) - use shrunk

Bart Alsop
Vice President of
Engineering / BIM

Mike Ketchum (1) - use shrunk

Mike Ketchum
Vice President of

Jen Weiss 3 shrunk

Jennifer Weiss
Director of Marketing &
Business Development

Brian McQuade (4) - use shrunk

Brian McQuade
Director of
BIM/VDC Services

Mike Griffin (3) shrunk

Mike Griffin
Sr. Design Engineer
BIM Coordinator

Brett Oechsner (3) - use shrunk

Brett Oechsner
Engineer/BIM Coordinator

Bryan Rucker (1) shrunk

Bryan Rucker
Engineer/BIM Coordinator

Luke (1) - use shrunk

Luke Simmerman

Chris Holzer (2) shrunk

Chris Holzer

Maria Colona shrunk

Maria Colona
Manager of
Service & Balancing

Brian Cox (3) shrunk

Brian Cox
Project Manager

Mike Marre (1) shrunk

Mike Marre
Sr. Project Manager

Mark Dressel - shrunk

Mark Dressel
Sr. Project Manager

Beverly (3) shrunk

Beverly Allen
Project Administrator

Tim (2) - use shrunk

Tim Scullin
Field Operations Manager

Yohm Peterson (1) -use Shrunk

Yohm Peterson
Pre-Construction Estimator

Brian Thornton (2) shrunk

Brian Thornton

Jean Quinn (1) - shrunk

Jean Quinn
Office Manager

Lyndsay Hieger 1 shrunk

Lyndsay Hieger

Brett Vuagniaux (2) Use shrunk

Brett Vuagniaux
Chief Financial Officer

Gregg Hummert (1) shrunk

Gregg Hummert

Victoria Cochran 3 shrunk

Victoria Cochran
Human Resources

Temi (3) - use shrunk

Temi Toriola