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BIM / Engineering

BIM / Virtual Construction

MSI’s Virtual Construction Team (VCT), through a variety of software packages, perform Building Information Modeling (BIM) for many projects types, including but not limited to, Plans & Specifications, Design-Build & Design-Assist. 3D Modeling of managed content ensure accurate modeling that can be used for Pre-Fabrication, Modularization, Pre-Sectioning, Integrated Project Delivery, etc. Throughout the modeling process the VCT performs Clash Detection as well as Clash Prevention.
MSI’s VCT utilizes the data within the model for Total Stations Robotic Layout, Virtual Job Boxes and Post Coordination Cost Analysis. MSI’s Project Superintendents/Field Staff are equipped with the latest technologies for streamlined data flow and communication directly with the VCT Members.

MSI’s VCT has played a vital role on many BIM projects as the Mechanical Team partner, and/or as the Information Manager and BIM facilitator for the entire project. MSI’s VCT Post Construction services include Models with Direct Links to Operators & Maintenance Manuals, Linked Service Logs, Linked Warranty Information, Virtual Plan Rooms and COBie Documentation (Assets Management).


HVAC System Commissioning is a systematic, documented process that includes inspection and testing conducted to confirm that a buildings systems are capable of being operated and maintained in conformance with the design intent. New buildings that are not properly commissioned can suffer from high energy costs, poor indoor air quality, poor system control, and many other mechanical problems.

Building Commissioning is a process that starts at the beginning of the design process and culminates in the inspecting, testing, balancing and verifying that new building systems are operating properly and efficiently. HVAC commissioning can reduce operating costs, maintenance costs, improve the comfort of a building’s occupants and extend the life of equipment. In addition, commissioning new construction projects can reduce construction delays, ensure the correct equipment is installed, and reduce future maintenance costs.

Energy costs continue to rise. A functional performance test of your building’s control system during the building commissioning process will assure optimum energy efficiency. Studies have shown properly functioning building control systems can save hundreds of dollars annually.

Not sure how your building is currently performing? Retro-Commissioning can be done on existing installations. Typically returns for these HVAC commissioning services pay for themselves in about a year.


Design / Build

Our staff is highly trained to provide the most competent and capable commercial HVAC design-build services. Designing entirely new commercial HVAC systems, as well as existing HVAC system upgrades and retrofits, Mechanical Solutions team develops heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that work optimally for your needs. We first assess your buildings current heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and HVAC needs.

We then forecast future demands on your HVAC system. Based on the current and future heating and cooling requirements of your building, we then create commercial HVAC systems that operate in an energy efficient and cost-effective manner, for long-term use and returns.

Engineering Design

Mechanical Solutions provides full Mechanical (HVAC) engineering services to our clients. Our engineering team will take full responsibility for the HVAC design, functioning as the Engineer of Record on Design-Build projects.

The Engineering team can also function in a supporting role on Design-Assist projects. With three (3) fully degreed Mechanical Engineers on staff, and in-house licensed Professional Engineer(s), Mechanical Solutions offers effective HVAC engineering design in today’s aggressive construction environment.

Engineering Services offered include the following:

  • HVAC Air and Hydronic System Layout/Design (New Construction & Retrofit)
  • 3-D Modeling/Coordination (BIM)
  • Cost-Payback/Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Existing Building System Analysis
  • Temperature Controls (Sequence Development,Commissioning Assistance, Systems Integration, Failure Analysis)
  • Load Calculation & Energy Analysis
  • Green Building / Sustainability / LEED
BIM / Engineering
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Sales and Service

A top priority for Mechanical Solutions is to align itself with clients that share our integrity, passion and excellence in reputation. Leads are typically generated from our name recognition, marketing activities, subcontractors, past clients, suppliers and relationships. These leads, once identified, are scrutinized for credit worthiness, become an approved project, and ideally are in a position to become a repeat client.

Although Mechanical Solutions can accommodate any size project our strategic initiative is to take on projects that have a minimum size value of $150,000 with an average project size of $2 Million. In staying within these parameters we have established controlled growth during the first 3-5 years.

Keeping consistent with Mechanical Solutions published plan for acquiring work, we will continue to:

  • Identify and qualify new clients.
  • Conduct early strategy/requirement meetings.
  • Prepare preliminary budgets to ensure the client has the appropriate funding.
  • Assemble and coordinate the team.